Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare

Physiotherapy for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

At Grosvenor Gardens Healthcare, located in the prestigious areas of Belgravia and Dulwich, London, we offer dedicated physiotherapy services for pelvic organ prolapse. Our clinics are equipped with the latest medical technology, and our experienced physiotherapists are committed to providing effective and compassionate care to help manage symptoms and improve pelvic health.

Our Pelvic Organ Prolapse Physiotherapy Services

Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when pelvic organs drop from their normal position due to weakness in the pelvic floor muscles. Our physiotherapy services are designed to strengthen these muscles and alleviate the discomfort and lifestyle limitations caused by prolapse. Treatment options include pelvic floor exercises, manual therapies, and education on lifestyle changes to support recovery and prevent further deterioration.

Benefits of Specialised Physiotherapy for Pelic Organ Prolapse

  • Enhanced Development: Early intervention and specialised therapies promote optimal physical development and function.
  • Improved Mobility and Strength: Tailored exercises and treatment plans improve mobility, strength, and coordination.
  • Support for Families: We provide guidance and education to families, helping them support their child’s physical health at home.
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    Private Maternity Hospital in London

    Our Approach

    Our approach to managing pelvic organ prolapse includes:

    • Thorough Assessments: A comprehensive evaluation of pelvic health to tailor the treatment to individual needs.
    • Personalised Treatment Plans: Developing individualised treatment strategies based on the severity of prolapse and specific symptoms.
    • Evidence-Based Techniques: Utilising the latest research and physiotherapy methods to ensure the most effective care.

      What to Expect During Your Visit

      • Initial Consultation: Detailed discussion of your symptoms and medical history.
      • Physical Examination: Assessment of pelvic floor muscle function and other relevant tests.
      • Tailored Therapy Sessions: Individual treatment sessions focusing on specific exercises and techniques to improve pelvic floor strength and function.